Traditional Chinese Acupuncture - It's not just about the needles!

Written By: Dr. Sarah Martins Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor & Acupuncturist at Uthrive in Calgary, AB

There is a huge benefit to knowing when your body is struggling with stress, so you can intervene before your system shuts down from sickness. 

Your body is made up of various systems that work together to function, as a whole, for your entire life.  Some systems are born a little weaker than other systems, such as your lungs, which fully develop after birth, and your digestive system which takes time after birth to adapt to breaking down "human" food.
For these reasons and many others, Chinese Medicine understands that the lungs and stomach are easily invaded by pathogens or "stressors" in your environments.  These systems, needing more constant attention from the brain to repair after an external attack, will monopolize your brains awareness even when, lets say, you have a weekend beer-a-thon and your liver now requires some repair.  Because the brain is already preoccupied,  a deficiency in the liver system has begun, which left un-managed for too long can be very sinister and sometimes fatal.
A Chinese Medicine Doctor can help signal your brain and hone in the body's awareness to repair that weekend damaged liver.  After the liver has re-couperated, the brain will pick-up the next strongest stress stimulus to deal with.  Some common "stressors" we see are mental/emotional stress, anxiety from work, tobacco infiltrating the lungs, waste management of junk get the idea here ;)
Chinese Medicine Doctors will look at your tongue, to evaluate the condition of your digestive system, they will feel your pulse, to understand the flow of your blood and circulation, and they will also ask questions to investigate how well your body is coping with all the stress in and around your life.  In treatment they will trigger your brain with acupuncture to balance the organs that are being ignored.
This is greatly over-simplified, but you can infer the idea that Chinese medicine tries to read the signals and symptoms of your body so that you never have to find out the hard way that one of your systems needs attention and repair.
Some interesting subjects that Chinese Medicine Doctors also discuss with you are:
  • What type of diet works best with the constitution and make-up of your current body
  • How much sleep you need and whether the depth of your sleep is repairing all damage from stress efficiently
  • Whether your energy levels throughout the day are indicative of daily lifestyle changes that need to be made
 The most important thing in life is to be able to enjoy your life!  And Chinese Medicine seeks to help and support you in attaining the longevity and vitality that you desire and deserve.