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Anna Steen

Registered Massage Therapist (2200 hrs)

Anna Steen

Anna has always had a passion for health, wellness and nutrition. Before becoming a massage therapist, Anna worked in the fitness industry. She completed the 2200 hour massage program at the Alberta College of Massage Therapy and is currently taking the Manual Osteopathic Therapy Program with an end date of October 2019. 

Anna is an avid runner and discovered massage therapy after tearing her IT band running in 2008. After a year of Massage, Physiotherapy and Yoga she was back on her feet and onto the next race!

She stresses the importance of massage as a preventative measure and believes that when you keep your body aligned and feeling good, the positive energy will reflect in the other areas of your life as well. She is trained in Swedish relaxation and therapeutic massage, Dynamic cupping, PNF stretch and myofascial techniques.