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Cheryl Munson

Registered Massage Therapist (2200 hrs), Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Cheryl Munson

Born and raised in Calgary, Cheryl originally studied Massage Therapy in 2003, and furthered her education in 2005.

While she has spent the greater part of her career working with athletes of all levels, helping them to recover, maintain, and enhance their active lifestyles, she understands the value that massage therapy holds for everyone of any fitness level.  That is what she loves most about her job... helping people enhance their health and their lives.

This is what lead her to continue her education in 2018, helping people reach their highest potential. She studied with the renowned company, Precision Nutrition and became certified as a Nutrition Coach. She then carried her education forward to also become a Certified Fitness Trainer. 

Cheryl believes that when you combine nutrition and daily intentional movement, along with the benefits of massage therapy, you allow yourself to reach your full potential, enabling you to achieve absolutely anything that you desire!

Cheryl is the mother of two and when they aren't keeping her running around she can be found hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, enjoying a run with her dog along the beautiful river pathways, or bike riding.

Contact information for Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
Phone: 403-619-0012