Reaching your full health and wellness potential


Located in the Beltline district of downtown Calgary, uthrive is a unique multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.

We Are Evidence-based

At uthrive, we practice evidenced-based forms of treatment. This utilizes the best clinically relevant research, derived from the basic sciences of medicine, as well as from patient-centered clinical research. Our clinical skills, combined with past experience, are used to identify each patient’s unique health state, and to design a program of treatment to address the patient’s individual needs and goals.

We Are Integrative

Our team of diverse health care practitioners all have one thing in common: we desire health and wholeness for our patients. Helping you achieve your wellness objectivesWe strive to treat the root cause of the symptoms, while providing education, patient tools, and preventative knowledge to help our patients become the most important participant in their own health. Our collaborative team includes numerous health specializations, therefore, we are confident that you will find the right practitioner(s) to help you address your specific needs and goals.