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Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Over the past decade, Dr. Sarah has been mentored professionally by western healthcare practitioners and has completed research in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Yoga Therapy and Massage Therapy. She works to bridge the gap between theory and practice, which to her is the difference between modern evidence-based findings and the foundations of ancient Chinese Medicine. She believes it's important to integrate the knowledge passed down through generations with the current understanding of diseases. These skills aid her in treating the conditions that are difficult to attack, the conditions that don't always have a straight forward answer. Conditions such as paralysis, anxiety, chronic digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia, low energy, low libido, chronic body pain, and fluctuating emotions.
Apart from treating the tricky and troubling, she enjoys working with patients that are striving not only for an absence of pain and discomfort, but those that are looking to have vitality and get the most out of their physical body. Acupuncture can be effective at helping the body operate optimally and to full potential. The modalities that Sarah uses in her practice to achieve these goals are fire cupping, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture and meridian balancing acupuncture.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys participating in various sports, reading, and spending as much time in the Canadian Rockies as possible!

Sarah is a member in good standing with the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta.