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What is Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy is a specialized discipline that focuses on both assessment and treatment of injury and disease to detect, correct, and prevent ailments/injuries.

Physical therapy encompasses manual therapy, biomechanical examination and intramuscular stimulation. All theses skills aim to achieve a better quality of life through the improvement of joint mobility and physical function. By focusing on the prevention of future injury, physical therapy arms individuals with knowledge of what physical intervention is available to them. Patients will learn how to optimize the body they have so they can achieve and thrive in all their physical pursuits.

At Uthrive, our physical therapists utilize advanced training in a variety of rehabilitative modalities (manual therapy, electro-stimulation, rehab protocols, and acupuncture). Having that variety enables our team to provide you with an innovative and personalized approach to physical therapy, which ensures decreased pain, increased functional ability, and a return to one’s activities as quickly as possible.


Not sure what to book? Below is a guide to help you decide what appointment is right for you.


This 60-minute appointment is an initial assessment where our physiotherapists assess your complaint and create a treatment plan.

If you have not seen one of our physiotherapists before, this is the appointment you want to book.


This 30-minute appointment is when our physiotherapists treat patients based on the treatment plan.

If you are a regular patient or have seen our manual osteopathic before, this is the appointment you want to book.


Below is a list of the other services our physiotherapists might provide as part of their treatment plan:

Shockwave Therapy

Graston Technique

Dry Needling/IMS