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Rebecca Garland

Fitness Trainer

Rebecca Garland

Rebecca has worked in the health and fitness field for nearly two decades and is founder of Elan Performance Inc, a holistic wellness consulting company offering personal training, life & wellness coaching, Pilates, and the Nourish Clean Eating Program.

After an early diagnosis of cervical cancer in her twenties and at the peak of her fitness, she learned that although fit, she was not healthy. It was that pivotal turning point, realizing that fitness was only one piece of the greater puzzle, that she began a more holistic journey of health.

Rebecca is passionate about empowering others towards vibrant well-being and their most purpose-filled and meaningful lives.

Rebecca's clients range from university students, corporate executives, athletes and those living with and recovering from cancer.

Rebecca is creator of the Nourish Clean Eating Program and author of the popular book Nourish, When not engaged with clients she loves cycling, camping, creating new recipes and a good laugh with family and friends.

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